The Lobby

You take a step through the open door of the massive home you found on your trips.

In the air you smell pleasant aromas, drawing you in closer into the home.

Incense, you guess. Something akin to warm amber.

The temeperature is just to your liking. Cold? Warm? It's all just perfect the way you like it.

Nearby on the table with curios, keys bowl, and next to a coat rack you see a note that reads:

Welcome to my little corner

In here you can find every little thing that interests me. It's not really made specifically for you, but you're free to peruse and explore to your liking.

Some parts of this home may not be suitable for all, especially anyone under the age of 18+.

If you are under 18, please refrain from going to the Bedroom. Anywhere else should be fine.

Please enjoy your stay. This is my little world, and I hope you like it.


After you read through the note, you decide it's time to explore this house.

Where you stand you can see in the Lobby the following:

A mirror, inviting you to look inside

An old guestbook, with the words of visitors past