The Lobby's Mirror

You peer inside of the mirror.

You don't know why it beckons at first. But as time passes your reflection changes.

The reflection peers back at you is not yours. It's of a dragon. Grey scales, five jade eyes. Two horns, spikes running down it's back. A pair of ear fins. A horn at the tip of his snout addorned with a triangle on it. A small beard, and whiskers.

The reflection begins to speak to you...

"Hi! Welcome to my home. I'm Kritlekro!"

"I'm just your average nerd who decided this would be a fun project to make. I like my fair share of stuff!"

"Uuuuum... What else do people put in about me pages..."

"OH! I like roleplaying. I like writing. I like vidja."

"I was physically born in 95. So you do the math of how old I am rn." The reflection seems to wink at you.

"I really like music. My preferences on that change a lot but lately I've been listening to a lot of Halley Labs, and Kidneythieves!"

"You can find me on Tumblr!. If you want you can also shoot me shit on my e-mail, oh and I'm on SL a bunch! I'm Kritlekro.blep on there. Poke me a DM if you see me around! Oh! I also made a Mastodon account very recently!, neat huh?"

"Hope you like it here! Got lots of stuff to see! Have fun!"

The reflection fades. And yours returns again. Strange...

After you check the reflection thouroughly, you decide it's time to explore this house.

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